The Dangerous Mind


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The Dangerous Mind small

I am fighting for
All of the broken people
All of the people thrown overboard
I’m searching for answers
Not questioned before.
The curse of awareness,
There’s no peace of mind.
As your true colours show
A dangerous sign.
Papa roach – born for greatness. & Within Temptation – Dangerous mind.

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I made this one almost a year ago, I dont know what happened but now it feels right to post it.

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Book cover Nefarious VOL I


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Copia de Hardcover Book MockUp 2.png

Book cover for Lucille Moncrief upcoming release on June 30th!…

Genre: Erotic Horror/Dark Romance

“The piano upstairs played a ragtime bagatelle while he struggled against me—pathetic and useless, a weak ragdoll. The dancers’ steps disturbed the dust from the rafters, and it sprinkled his frantic eyes as they dimmed and all light extinguished. What cheerful music boasting against such a murderous feast?”


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Unknown Feelings


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 Then the unnamed feeling
It comes alive
Then the unnamed feeling
Takes me away
I can not sleep in this down filled world
I’ve found safety in this loneliness
But I can not stand it anymore
Cross my heart hope not to die
Swallow evil, ride the sky
Metallica – The unnamed feelings.


Kingdom Seeker


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kingdom seeker small

 Can you feel me coming
Open the door it’s only me
I have that desperate feeling
In trouble is where I’m going to be
If there’s a kingdom beyond it all
Is there a God who loves us all
Do we believe in love at all
I’m still pretending, I’m not a fool
So in your infinite wisdom
Show me how this life should be
With all your love and glory.
Dave Gahan – Kingdom

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Uncontainable Necromancer


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Fashion photo of young magnificent woman. Running towards camera. Seductive blonde in red dress with fluffy skirtd3book cover 69 prew


And for a moment

I feel immortal
And I am not scared
‘Cause I know you were there
No one around me Believed in anything,
so how could I Expect them to believe in just a girl?
I cried myself to sleep inside my bedroom
And swear I never let them crush my world
And for a moment
I feel immortal
And I am not scared.
Kerli – Immortal

Finally was able to change my old work to how I saw it in my head the first time :) old one –>…
but still dont know why it looks so blurry after resizing :/


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Yours To Hold


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Red hair woman in weird forestRed hair woman in weird forest

Learning inside 

I will be safe with you tonight 

You cause the smile 

And the teardrops in my eyes 

Locked inside your every movement 

Will I stand or will I fall? 

Trapped inside of your walls of glory 

I am just as dead leaves fall 

Skillet – Safe with you.

#CDCover for Jordan Corby upcoming soon!


Home is where You are


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Soce przebijajce si przez mg na len polan
 When you keep someone in your heart
You never leave them behind
Is it a home you’ll find
Need I dare remind
That home’s where you are
Blues Traveler – Home Is Where You Are
My husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this month and this was born :heart:




Devil in Disguise


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devil in disguise small

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 When I wake up to the sound of demons
They’re always telling me that I’m no good
And all the angels keep scratching at my door
I’m doing what I can to fight this anger
I’m just a product of a living hell
And I don’t wanna live like this no more
Everything is ruined in my head…
Maybe I’m not alone
Maybe if you take my hand
And I reach up to God
SIXX:AM – Prayers for the damned .


book cover 39