Uncontainable Necromancer


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Fashion photo of young magnificent woman. Running towards camera. Seductive blonde in red dress with fluffy skirtd3book cover 69 prew


And for a moment

I feel immortal
And I am not scared
‘Cause I know you were there
No one around me Believed in anything,
so how could I Expect them to believe in just a girl?
I cried myself to sleep inside my bedroom
And swear I never let them crush my world
And for a moment
I feel immortal
And I am not scared.
Kerli – Immortal

Finally was able to change my old work to how I saw it in my head the first time :) old one –> starscoldnight.deviantart.com/…
but still dont know why it looks so blurry after resizing :/

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Yours To Hold


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Red hair woman in weird forestRed hair woman in weird forest

Learning inside 

I will be safe with you tonight 

You cause the smile 

And the teardrops in my eyes 

Locked inside your every movement 

Will I stand or will I fall? 

Trapped inside of your walls of glory 

I am just as dead leaves fall 

Skillet – Safe with you.

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Home is where You are


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Soce przebijajce si przez mg na len polan
 When you keep someone in your heart
You never leave them behind
Is it a home you’ll find
Need I dare remind
That home’s where you are
Blues Traveler – Home Is Where You Are
My husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this month and this was born :heart:

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Devil in Disguise


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devil in disguise small

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 When I wake up to the sound of demons
They’re always telling me that I’m no good
And all the angels keep scratching at my door
I’m doing what I can to fight this anger
I’m just a product of a living hell
And I don’t wanna live like this no more
Everything is ruined in my head…
Maybe I’m not alone
Maybe if you take my hand
And I reach up to God
SIXX:AM – Prayers for the damned .


book cover 39

Malevolence Art available for cover


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Malevolence small

 I’ve heard it all, I know I cared too much
But It’s cruel I’d let you die
I’ll take the fall, I’ll be the heartless one
My veins are made of ice
Well, I’m not afraid to take the world on myself
But if I can’t have it all then no one will
Nothing’s gonna save me
The evil that I see has taken over me
No ones gonna save me
The damage has been done I’m righting all the wrongs
New years day – Malevolence.
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ella grey 2 version small
  Still undefeated
With my back against the ropes
Still undefeated
You can knock me down with body blows
But you cannot break my hope
Daughtry – Undefeated.
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Weight beneath my sin


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Weight under my sin small

Now I know that
I don’t belong – I don’t care
You’re a scar burned into my skin
Can’t hold on – can’t move on
You’re the weight beneath my sin
You wish I’d die – you don’t care how
And I know you don’t care why
Can’t see what you see – I know you’re
Begging me
Begging me to bleed.
Five finger death punch – Weight beneath my sin.

STOCK: http://fav.me/d8pgv82

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhcO4uqomts&feature=youtu.be

I’ve Got You Under My Skin


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By Jessica Dueck

 When I get weak or I’m tired and afraid
When I sleep, all my dreams turn out the same
When I bleed, I relieve you of your pain
I can’t believe you won’t let me do the same.
So if you’re hopeless
We can pick up the pieces
And if you’re broken
I can carry the pain
Are you with me?
Watching the flames rise higher
Sing this with me
I break down the walls
I want it all.
 Asking Alexandria – Break down the wall &  Seether – Weak.

STOCK: http://fav.me/d8p6u5d