Digital Artist • http://www.jessicadueck.com/
Paraguay, Paraguay
Digital & Design artists born in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Hope you enjoy Dark, Gothic & Emotional Art.

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You can use them as long as you credit each stock provided in the book too. And of course you need to contact the other stockers to see if they agree, because you also need to give a fee for this to ALL OF US..unless they don’t ask you about it. Which I DO ask 15$ when you edit my image/stock/png with your own stuff. But when you want my BG without any changes in it, it will be 25$.
Plus, a copy of the book would be nice if you use my models in them, for the other stocks is not necessary.


– If shared please fav.
– I don’t do collaborations, i�m not good with playing with two different minds. I usually change my mind a hundred times before ending an artwork and its uncomfortable not knowing what the other person really wants to portray. And some just agree to my idea just so i like them :hmm:
– You are not allowed to reproduce, print, sell, or copy. DO NOT CHANGE OR EDIT MY WORKS.
– You may not share anywhere else without the links to my site. http://www.jessicadueck.com
– Do not use my works to make another artwork.
– Do not remove my watermark or signature.
– If sharing in Facebook, please add me as a friend http://www.facebook.com/jessica.dueck and TAG me on the photo. Don’t forget to add my website in the description. http://www.jessicadueck.com

If you are interested in using my work for commercial use, feel free to contact me via email with this answers:
– For what products will it be use?
– How many products will be reproduced?
– Will this be a only one time sell?
– For how much will the products be sold?
– Have you contacted the resources owners i used? If so remember to agree on a fee with them too. (for premade BG for book covers) Even if they dont ask for a fee, I DO ASK. When using my work without any changes we will see price. When another artist uses my premade for his work and gets a book cover deal, i ask for 15$ in advance for the use of my stock.

SEND EMAIL TO jessicadueck@msn.com


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